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It’s officially wedding season. But we didn’t have to tell you that. Chances are you’ve already been to one, are going to one next week and if not, you’ve definitely liked one on Instagram.

If you’re newly engaged, among feelings of joy, excitement and possibility, this season can also be a little overwhelming!

In your head it’s the perfect day. You can envision the flowers, your dress, his tux and that three-tier cake you’ve been dreaming of since you can remember (read: secretly Pinned 5 years ago). Now, you need to turn your dream into reality and book the right wedding talent to make it all come true.

You might be thinking, “Oh, we will just get ideas from Sara and Joe’s wedding this summer,” only to quickly realize their style is so far from yours. Now what?

It’s time for some Pinning. Your expectations may become unfeasible for your budget. The search results aren’t always realistic and we all know it’s not targeted to where you live. So, you Google. The vendors are local, but are they good? Okay, okay, we aren’t here to scare you. We are here to help. Like, seriously help. Don’t stop reading here. It’s time to look at planning your wedding with some extra guidance in a new, less-expensive light.

Hi! We are Julia and Kay (Social + Co. Weddings and Events). It feels right to introduce ourselves now before you decide to take an Uber to City Hall (which is totally cool if that’s your thing). We are thrilled to be partnering to create a unique experience for couples in Calgary.

The Wedding Study is, simply, a beautiful, inspiring and thoughtful space to plan your wedding. Calgary’s top-tier wedding talent are showcased in an intimate setting, so you can look, touch and feel the elements that will come together for your special day. When you book an appointment, you will meet with a consultant to share your vision. Budget. Style. Vibe. We’ve got you covered.

What makes us different? Our approach. The Wedding Study is not a wedding planning business, it is a curated resource for couples in Calgary who want the confidence they are choosing the best without the tedious search. The end result, valuable time and energy reserved for special moments like saying yes to your dress! 

The magic is already happening, and some truly beautiful work is being created in the space. Follow along on Instagram @theweddingstudy for the latest details and updates leading up to our official launch. We cannot wait to meet you!

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