The Wedding Study: The Consultation Process

Congratulations! You’re engaged. Perhaps freshly, for a few months or a even a year. Regardless, you inevitably need to start planning. Reaching out to married friends, reading blogs (oh, hey!) or even hiring someone who is a professional in the industry is likely where you will start.

After you’ve done your research and you and your fiancé are agreed, somewhat, on style, size and budget, there is a shift that happens from day dreaming to doing. During this shift, you might be thinking “now what?”.

Becoming a part of our community is a new, connected way of planning your wedding with a high focus on local talent. The emphasis on local is so important to us here at The Wedding Study because, while you may be pulling ideas from worldwide sources like Pinterest and Instagram, it’s ultimately the vendors in your own city you will most likely be hiring. And, you’ll be supported throughout the process surrounded by like minded people and even other couples!

The Study Couple Consult

You may have absolutely nothing planned or you may have booked a couple vendors but feel stuck. Sitting down with a wedding consultant can be the inspiration you needed to get started or the guidance you needed to breathe life back into the plans you’ve been neglecting.

Your initial meeting is a casual get-to-know you and your fiancé. What’s your budget, what colour palette do you love and even, how do you want to feel on your big day? This honest and detailed discussion helps ensure you and your fiancé are on the same page and can even push you to start conversations you may have been avoiding. The information your consultant learns allows for a better understanding of what you as the couple value and in turn, which Study Vendors align perfectly with your vision.

Welcome, you’re officially a Study Couple!

Now it’s your turn to decide how to proceed. You may choose to take your plan and execute it yourself or, at this point, you might choose someone to work through each detail for you like our in-house wedding planner, Social+Co. Weddings and Events, or another local planner suited to your vision. Regardless the path you choose from here, The Wedding Study continues to be your home base.

The Talent

This is the fun part! You get to meet with the talented people who are going to make your vision come to life. It’s this experience that The Wedding Study strives to elevate.

Prior to meeting your Study Vendors, you get to browse the beautiful library wall. This is the focal point of The Wedding Study and is an important tool. Here you are able to further narrow down the vendors you will choose to book consultations with. The displays and portfolios are there to look at, touch feel and even smell (yes, we have custom candles!!).

Your Study Consultant will then provide you with your Study Vendor List. This list is curated based on your initial meeting, so you know there won’t be any surprises when it comes to pricing structure, availability or style. You can spend your meeting more efficiently, focusing on the specifics of your wedding day and discussing your needs, vision and desires

In turn, our vendors know the value of you as a client and that you are already a good fit for each other. This allows them to spend your consultation discussing their take on your day from a confident prospective that you already feel in line with their brand and understand their business offerings. It’s this small adjustment in the typical vendor and couple consultation that cuts out the lost time and puts more focus on planning and getting to know each other!

The Space

In addition to your initial consult and vendor meetings, The Wedding Study places a high value on education, creativity and interaction. When you become a Study Couple you are joining a community that, at the end of the day, is designed to serve you and make the planning process more than just logistics and spreadsheets!

The space becomes a place to learn through education sessions led by industry professionals to help answer your questions in person (think topics like, venue selection and floral costs) . It is a place to create with high quality DIY tutorials (think wax seals and table details). And it’s a common place to meet and mingle at events that enrich the planning experience for couples (think bubbles and bourbon!).

Stop by this Sunday, September 16 for our Open House between 2pm – 6pm to check out the space for yourself and enter some amazing giveaways from our Study Vendors. We are located in the vibrant East Victoria Park (409, 11 ave se – across from Stampede Park), look for the big white balloons! We can’t wait to plan with you!

xo Julia + Kay

Post written by The Wedding Study // Instagram


Photography by @christopheramat