The Must Have Wedding Perfume

I woke up buzzing on the morning of my wedding day. It was early, and I rolled over to see my sister still sleeping next to me. We shared a bed for what felt like the last real time we ever would. I remember feeling so content – that sense of peaceful happiness. Truth be told, that moment of peace passed rather quickly as my nerves and excitement took over. It was the day I was to marry the boy I loved at the young age of 12 years old.

These memories that we create add depth and joy to our lives. It is how we connect with the people around us as they are one of the most natural forms of human expression. And the memories that are made on the day that you’ll be celebrating the love shared between you and your partner, well, those are exceptionally sweet.

See, scent and memory are closely linked. We’ve all experienced a familiar scent reminding us of something – blooming lilacs reminding you of summer or vanilla reminding you of grandma’s baking and it’s because our sense of smell, more so than any other sense, is so closely linked to the part of our brain that processes emotion and memory. When you first smell a new scent, you link it to a person, place, event or moment. Your brain forges a link between the smell and a memory. This natural connection gives us the opportunity to consciously associate a fragrance to an event or experience in our life for later recollection.

Every year when the fragrant lilacs bloom, I am reminded of my childhood summers. It is nostalgic to me and without fail, I am instantly transported back to those warm, sunny days. The ruby red strawberries, soft grass underfoot and my white sundress painted with cheerful daisies. It’s a visceral feeling that washes over you as you inhale that unmistakable scent and all the heart-warming details take shape from a time past.

Knowing this, I wanted to gift two girlfriends that were getting married, a perfume that would forever remind them of their beautiful days. The idea sparked a researching frenzy and I found a wonderful perfumer who was Canadian but had moved to Grasse, France, the perfume capital of the world. She and I created the scent with many samples jet-setting from France to Alberta. It was an incredible experience learning about the history and romance of perfume and all of this eventually led to The Wedding Perfume a year and a half later.

Coulombe Perfume’s, The Wedding Perfume, was created to hold the memories of love and joy as you go through life hand in hand. With a spritz of your perfume, you close your eyes and you’re immediately taken back, remembering the feelings of that joyous day. Imagine that looking through the photographs is like watching the movie of your wedding day, as they show you exactly what to remember. Similarly, scent association is like reading the book – your inherent memories will come flooding back as you inhale the perfume time and time again…

The champagne fountain that’s been whittled down, the way you swayed about the dance floor as Van Morrison sang his love songs, and the jovial grins of the people you adore. All beneath a canopy of twinkling bistro lights and a warm summer nights sky. It’s these moments that formed the idea of a perfume to capture it all – to capture the feelings of a celebrated love.

The Wedding Perfume is a natural fragrance with notes of rose, jasmine, mimosa blossom, lemon petitgrain, bergamot, vetiver and sandalwood – I was inspired by lush and charming rose gardens and the allure of the French woman. Elegant, romantic and wildly in love with the life she is living.

I’m often asked, where the name came from and especially, how do you pronounce it. Pronounced Koo-Lome, the name Coulombe comes from my muse; my grandmother. She passed when I was 4 years old but the memories I have of her and the legacy that lives on was that she was an incredibly warm and loving woman. She adored the people in her life and while I wish she had been sitting there, in a front row seat at my wedding, I could feel her happiness and love that day more than ever. Her joyful spirit is what I hope to bring to this world and to me, preserving our fondest memories is one way to do so.

Fully embracing every moment of your wedding day is precisely what it is all about – every tear, laugh, and spark of wonder that you feel is meant to stay with you as you live a full and meaningful life. It is the sweet serenade of a life well loved.

Written by Coulombe Perfume // Instagram

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