Travel Makes You Rich

If you’re looking for a quick way to get rich. I have the answer. TRAVEL! 

For anyone who knows me – travel is my first love and I am rich in experiences for making it a priority in my life. There’s a certain vulnerability that comes when you venture out from the familiar and immerse yourself in different cities, countries, languages and cultures. Travel tests your stamina and your ability to roll with the punches. It makes you feel alive and soaks you in perspective and light. 

Over the years I have honed the skill of making my intentions, reality. Putting it out there in the universe what you hope to accomplish is a valuable and rewarding practice. I have seen this play out countless times, and travel is no exception.

When starting 2018 traveling the UK and Italy over my Christmas holidays – I knew I had to experience more of Europe.

Planning is a huge part of making dreams a reality, but also saying yes to possibility is a sure-fire way to expand your horizons. Travel doesn’t have to be unattainable – and it’s important to be creative. I have found apps like Hopper to be amazing at helping me get the lowest price on flights. As well as my new found love Trusted House Sitters (hello free accommodation) This site combines free house sitting and taking care of people’s pets, and it’s available all over the world. It’s a beautiful way to experience different places and neighbourhoods. I encourage you to try it even in your own city! (Details below).

Literally everywhere is on my lists of places to go and so far in my first month of this summer abroad its allowed me to experience 5 countries in the span of 2 weeks and that’s me just getting started. England is the motherland for me, and where half of my heart lives, it’s part of my heritage and having dual citizenship is such a gift. 

I am working remotely all summer for Dote Magazine while visiting places I’ve always wanted to see. The joy of basing myself out on the UK is the inexpensive way to jump on a plane or train and visit more of Europe without the bouts of jetlag or the spendy price-tag. 

I also have been intentional in booking flights + trains with layovers in order to make the most of the travel experience. 

It’s amazing to me how you can arrive at an airport or train station and literally have no orientation or idea where you are going, and yet still end up where you need to be. To make things harder, I like to rely on the kindness of strangers and looking at signs instead of relying on my phone. Makes for good stories I’d say. I started this adventure in London, England with friends and family and two days later was on a plane headed to Amsterdam and Copenhagen, I had a 17 hour layover in the Netherlands, and was able to experience the heart of Amsterdam in 12 hours. I took in a canal tour, the Anne Frank Museum (such a humbling and inspiring experience of the human spirit) walked the house lined streets and enjoyed a Heineken in a quiet café while the hum of World Cup Soccer mania ensued around me.

Copenhagen included my first of three house sitting experiences. I got to take in the city like a local on a bicycle and visited the Zoo, Botanical gardens, community workspaces and my favourite – a day trip to The Louisiana Modern Art Museum. It was packed full of incredible art and the most stunning views of the Baltic sea and Sweden in the distance. 

With only three days back in London I was on my way to Paris for 24 hours en route to Barcelona. Paris was magical and booking a hop on/hop off bus tour allowed me to experience all the major sights, and soak in the incredible heatwave Europe has been enjoying. 

Spain packed a punch and came with two of my favourite friends who call Barcelona their second home. I had built in tour guides for the week – which allowed me to shut off and just enjoy everything the city had to offer. From dipping into the Mediterranean sea to, biking through treelined Ramblas, to amusement parks churches, and monasteries built on the top of mountain tops to beachside clubs, starry nights spent on rooftop terraces and all the incredible art, history and jaw dropping architecture you could want.   

Today has me writing this blog for the second time from yet another house sit. (First draft was lost to the abyss when Word decided to crash – insert rolling with the punches) I’m currently nestled in a quiet village in East Hampshire in the English countryside with birds, hens, bunnies and a shy little fox friend. It’s been incredibly peaceful and a great recharge for the travel that still awaits. 

I’ll be heading south to Bath and the English Riveria, Torquay, before heading to Croatia, Belfast and back to London for the last leg of my summer. 

Dote Magazine has given me some of my most treasured experiences in life, and the fact that my team supported my 2 months of working away is something I do not take lightly. 

A season to dream, catch up on projects, get inspired, soak up vitamins D and Sea and feed my inner explorer. 

They say “travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer – and you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a plane ticket and that’s kind of the same thing.”

For more info on Trusted House Sitters – visit their website here: and use my code to sign up: RAF103176

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