DOTE Intern takes NYC

As a lover of fashion, my dream city has always been New York. Growing up watching shows and movies like Devil Wears Prada, Gossip Girl and Sex and the City, all based in New York City I grew obsessed with the idea of living there. Before I had even been there I knew I would absolutely love it. It seemed so magical like anything was possible in New York City.

My dream job has always been to work at a magazine, ever since I can remember I was obsessed with them. I would collect them and put them on display, I would buy tons at a time to cut them up and make collages (known as mood boards now). I have continued to collect them to this day and I now have piles and boxes in my room that are overflowing. Working as an intern at Dote has been so satisfying for my craving to be a part of a publication like the ones I have adored for so long. Eventually, my goal is to move to New York City to work for Hearst and get a job working somewhere like Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar or Seventeen.

I have always been a city girl. I love the hustle and bustle, I love the crazy traffic and the restaurants on every corner. I love that every day can be completely different from the last and that you can basically walk anywhere if you wanted to. I love waking up early before it all begins and drinking a latte and roaming the quiet streets. After traveling to New York twice now, once for my eighteenth birthday and again just last month for a girl’s weekend with my mom and sister, I have grown even fonder of the idea of living there, minus the price of rent.

This past trip, we stayed in Soho rather than midtown and I enjoyed it so much more. Soho and Greenwich are so close to one another and have a quaint almost neighbourhood feel to them even though they have an abundance of restaurants, art galleries and shopping in the area. Our hotel, Nomo Soho, was in perfect proximity to all of this.

We were able to walk almost everywhere. Some of my favourite places close by were the Glossier penthouse that you had to take an elevator to, Milkbar where we had the yummiest pie known as crack pie and super sweet birthday cake iced coffees. If you watch the documentary Chef’s Table on Netflix you can get all the background on Milkbar and why it is so delicious! We ate at a breakfast place named Bubby’s one day and had CBD drinks, which contain the part of cannabis that effects your body rather than your mind, and big stacks of pancakes.

I cannot believe all the things we squeezed in while we were there. We went to a Yankees game as my mom’s birthday gift from my sister and I. I highly recommend going despite the summer heat. Another must in New York is seeing a show. This year we went to see The Book of Mormon which was incredible. We laughed so hard we were almost crying.

Some of my sister’s friends just moved to Brooklyn so we walked the Brooklyn Bridge and took the subway to Prospect Park and met them for lunch at a food truck festival known as the Smorgasburg. One minute we were walking on a path with trees all around and as soon as you turn the corner there is a huge crowd with music and food, you would never expect to find that sort of thing in the park but it was such a cool experience.

One of my all-time favourite spots in New York is Chelsea Market. It’s an indoor market open all days of the week with food vendors, a little shopping and lots of places to eat. One night we stopped by and made our own tapas by getting shareable items throughout the market!

We ate at some amazing restaurants on the trip. We went to Serra by Birreria on the rooftop of Eataly which was amazing. The décor was gorgeous. There were plants hanging from the ceiling with a view of the city and lots of twinkling lights. It was the perfect atmosphere for some Italian. We also went to this vegan restaurant called the Butcher’s Daughter which had such good avo toast and an Insta worthy look to it. My favourite restaurant we went to though was Crispo’s and it wasn’t on any lists or websites but had such good food. If you are ever in New York I would definitely recommend checking it out.

Until I have the money and the education to get a job and move to New York I will continue to remember my trips and even start planning for the next one. Hopefully one day I can make my dream come true and until then I will be living in a New York State of mind.

Written by Lauren Ceaser @laurenceaser // Visit Lauren’s blog at