The Dote Workshop

Register below for February 23, 2019 or March 23, 2019

The Dote Workshop is a community of support, inspiration, encouragement, and teaching for passionate lady creatives, aspiring entrepreneurs, and business owners excited to dig deep into their business or business ideas.

Set in a small, workshop style environment, we will work through a simple business plan, financial advice, taking the next steps, social media, your working culture, and self-care for business owners. All of these things will help to jumpstart your business no matter what stage you’re at.

Among the women of Alberta, there is a thriving entrepreneurial spirit and we want to support, empower, and inspire that community to boldly pursue their passions and dreams. 


Among the women of Alberta, there is a thriving entrepreneurial spirit and we want to support, empower, and inspire that community to boldly pursue their passions and dreams. With 15 years of small business coaching and marketing experience, the team that built Dote Magazine is equipped to teach and train the ups and downs of small business.

What You Will Receive

  • 7 Expert speaker sessions
  • 7 real-life worksheets that can be applied directly to your business or business idea
  • Q&A with session experts
  • Professional headshot
  • 2 meals, snacks, and all-day coffee and beverages sourced locally
  • Notebook, workbook, pen, and highlighter
  • Goodie bag with The Dote Workshop branded tote bag
  • Custom name badge

Workshop Outline

In a one day, classroom style workshop, we will work through seven topics to help further your small business. We will have an expert in each area to walk you through an interactive worksheet that will help you succeed. We will end with a Q&A with the experts to answer all of your questions. 

Session One: Building Your Business Plan
Kate Klassen, Creator of Dote Magazine

Kate Klassen is the co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Dote Magazine. She is also the Creative Director of Thoughtwell Creative Co. Thoughtwell Creative is dedicated to helping local small businesses get off the ground with brand building, marketing, strategy, and business support.

In the Building Your Business Plan session, we will walk through the steps of building your personal business plan. We will think through strategy, identifying vision and goals, finding your “why,” and get a hands-on start to writing your plan.
Bonus materials for at-home planning will also be included in this session.

Session Two: Culture Your Work
Alyssa Conrad & Rio Hanlan, Pearl & Dot

No strangers to building a culture that customers and clients are excited to work for, Alyssa, founder of Pearl & Dot Bridal Boutique and Rio, her right hand, are all about the experience.

Culture Your Work will focus on how to build and maintain a positive work culture that people want to be a part of. Whether you work at home by yourself, or have your own space with multiple employees, this session will help you build your perfect brand culture.

Session Three: Small Business Finance: Cashflow Forecasting
ATB Financial

ATB is an Alberta-based financial institution with a focus on seeing Alberta entrepreneurs thrive. ATB is known for its work with small businesses, Alberta entrepreneurs, arts communities, and minority groups.

We will take the class through the basics of cash forecasting and pricing your product. In a hands-on presentation, we work through all of the details when it comes to cash and preparing for your future needs.

Session Four: Social Media: Understanding Algorithms
Dani Gagnon, Teacher

Dani Gagnon is a keynote speaker and a professor at Seneca College. She has been building innovative digital marketing strategies, implementing, training, and consulting for eight years. She has been on social media since it all began!

Understanding Algorithms will focus on the algorithms that govern all social media platforms, and most importantly how to cut through those algorithms to ensure your content is seen by your audience.

Session Five: Styling for Social Media
Alexandra Joy Wig

Alexandra is the former style editor of Dote Magazine and one of Calgary’s top stylists. Whether working with florals, desserts, or everyday items, Alexandra can help you turn your photo into a work of art. She has styled everything from portrait sessions to parties to products and has exciting ventures on the horizon – perfectly styled of course!

Styling for Social Media will teach you how to take your social media images to the next level. We will show you how, with things you have on hand, to create images that speak to the heart of your brand.

Session Six: Self-Love for Self-Starters
Sherise Miller, Registered Psychologist

Sherise Miller is a registered psychologist with Shift Psychologists, who thoroughly enjoys helping individuals overcome mental and emotional issues. She is determined to help motivate her clients to improve their lives and create a joy-filled existence.

How to set boundaries for self-care, especially when working at home. Striking a balance between work and life can be a challenge to any professional; we will show you how to create self-care rituals that will help ease stress.

Session Seven: Taking the Next Steps
Vicki Manness, Pretty Sweet Co.

Vicki Manness is the founder and owner of Pretty Sweet. As a Red Seal certified Pastry Artist and Chef, she prides herself on her exceptional palate, her creativity, and her eye for what’s cool.
After building her business from the ground up, she wants to help you do the same!

Taking the Next Steps will be a session dedicated to walking through a real-life story about taking a business idea from passion to a full-time business. We will talk about dreams vs. reality, and how to identify when it’s time to take your own next steps.

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