The Dote Workshop

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Register below for February 23, 2019 or March 23, 2019

The Dote Workshop is a community of support, inspiration, encouragement, and teaching for passionate lady creatives, aspiring entrepreneurs, and business owners excited to dig deep into their business or business ideas.

Set in a small, workshop style environment, we will work through a simple business plan, financial advice, taking the next steps, social media, your working culture, and self-care for business owners. All of these things will help to jumpstart your business no matter what stage you’re at.

Among the women of Alberta, there is a thriving entrepreneurial spirit and we want to support, empower, and inspire that community to boldly pursue their passions and dreams. 


Among the women of Alberta, there is a thriving entrepreneurial spirit and we want to support, empower, and inspire that community to boldly pursue their passions and dreams. With 15 years of small business coaching and marketing experience, the team that built Dote Magazine is equipped to teach and train the ups and downs of small business.

What You Will Receive

  • 6 Expert speaker sessions
  • 6 real-life worksheets that can be applied directly to your business or business idea
  • Q&A with session experts
  • Professional headshot
  • 2 meals, snacks, and all-day coffee and beverages sourced locally
  • Notebook, workbook, pen, and highlighter
  • Goodie bag with The Dote Workshop branded tote bag
  • Custom name badge

Workshop Outline

In a one day, classroom style workshop, we will work through 6 topics to help further your small business. We will have an expert in each area to walk you through an interactive worksheet that will help you succeed. We will end with a Q&A with the experts to answer all of your questions. 

  • Business Planning
    • How to make a business plan, identifying and working through goals, starting your business plan (hands on), and extra course materials for making a business plan provided.
  • Financial Advice
    • Business and Financial Advice, the top ten things every small business needs, working through a loan application.
  • Taking the Next Steps, Wherever You’re at
    • Personal story of going full-time with a dream, outlining dream vs. reality, and discussing how and when to know about making the next step.
  • Social Media
    • The current state of social media, algorithms (what are they and how do they work?), and facts about Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
    • Styling your Photography for Social Media and Beyond:  Tips and tricks for styling photos for promotion and social media, styling session with fun props and backdrops.
  • Your Work Culture
    • Learn to create your own business culture.
  • Self-Care for the Small Business Owner 
    • What does self-care look like? How to draw the line? Discovering your work/life balance and stress management, and finding self-care rituals.

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Sponsor the Workshop
    • Includes promo materials in the space, promotion on the swag bag, branding on the workbook + notebook, and exclusive brand identity at event
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  • Sponsor the goodie bag
    • Branding on the bag
  • Add items to the goodie bags
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  • Sponsor the décor – donation of floral or décor items. Branding and business cards throughout the space as well as in the goodie bag
  • Sponsor breakfast
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