#trendingtopic: An Everygirl’s Guide to Channeling Danish Style

It’s no new news that the Danes are the center of all things fashion, especially because they host one of the biggest fashion weeks in the world. Everyone looks to the Danes for runway fashion, but surprisingly also for inspiration when dressing for a winter escape.

Hygge, pronounced “hue-guh” is described as a feeling of coziness that engenders a feeling of contentment and well-being. 2016 was the year of Hygge, the year in which many books were published outlining how to achieve a “Hygge-inspired” life. It’s a term that has taken the world by storm, but an idea that has existed in Danish culture for centuries. It’s that feeling you get from reading a book by a warm fire as a storm brews outside your cottage. It’s a defining feature of Danish culture, a state of mindfulness that the Danes practice not only in their everyday life through being present, but also in their fashion choices.

Less is more

Danish style is described as minimalist with a casual vibe. For many, this means pairing more structured ‘fashion’ pieces with cozy elements. It’s mussed, much like Parisian fashion, but each outfit appears a little bit more put together than what you’d see with the French ‘I just got out of bed’ look. By now you’ve probably heard of a ‘capsule wardrobe,’ that is, a closet filled with versatile clothing staples. This is essential for achieving Danish style. Quality over quantity, ladies!

Layer, layer, layer!

Danish style is all about layering, especially in the colder months. It’s better to have a refined wool coat that will last years than a trendy one that will start to pill after the first couple of wears. I would suggest treating yourself to timeless pieces. like a solid pair of black trousers or a well-made and versatile sweater. The trick to achieving Danish style is curating an adaptable closet – one where many outfits can be pulled together from just a few simple items. You should have some pieces that are loose-fitting, but are still not too oversized. The Danes are big fans of the androgynous look!


Test the way that you curate your outfit. The Danish ‘It Girl’ often styles pieces together in a way that leaves her friends thinking, “I wouldn’t have thought to pair those together, but it works.” Instead of just pairing a cozy sweater with a pair of wool pants, try layering a long t-shirt or silk tunic underneath to elevate your look. You can pair something with a longline blazer for a dressier look or with a soft turtleneck for a more “Hygge” vibe.

If you want to get a bit more experimental, a combination that is well-loved in Europe but has taken less hold in North America is the pairing of navy and black. I experimented recently with this colour combination as I pulled together a Danish-inspired outfit, pairing a navy faux fur coat with black wool trousers, an oversized turtleneck and a silk shirt underneath. I find that combining navy and black makes a polished look slightly more fun!

Where to get “Danish-inspired” pieces

Aritzia and Club Monaco carry many pieces typical of a capsule wardrobe, however they are definitely on the pricier side. If I don’t want to spend too much money on basics, my go-to is Zara because they carry a variety of t-shirts, silk blouses, knits, trousers and blazers for relatively affordable prices. I would highly recommend Everlane if you’re looking to achieve the Danish look and are in search of a price point that falls in between Aritzia and Zara. Everlane focuses on the basics and has different pricing options that depend on the way the product is made and transported – they’re all about transparency!

Written and photographed by Lily Harris / @thevibrantenthusiast