Summer Jewellery Trends

It’s time! Time to rethink things, mix them up. Even the simplest changes can lighten and brighten our day – even empower us.

Let’s focus on style. While fashion is ever-changing, so too is style: that unique expression that makes you…you. With that in mind, I’ve been hearing women say they’re bored with the same-old same-old. They want change.

Let me start off by saying that I’m not a believer in what’s trendy just because it’s popular at the moment. I am however, a believer in you: your unique story with a unique outlook that translates into   your exclusive style. 

So while there are trends, it’s most important that you BE YOU. If you love something, try it! And if it feels good & comfortable, embrace it! In this post I outline six current jewelry styles that are adaptable, timeless and beautiful, and not just a fleeting trend.  You’ll also find suggestions as to how you can make each jewelry style work for you! Have fun and wear things that make you feel amazing, confident and unequivocally you.


We’re now seeing is larger, big-impact jewelry pieces come into play. Whether it’s big earrings, bold necklaces, or chunky rings, they’re statement pieces that communicate power and confidence!

The Bold & Beautiful jewelry movement isn’t about big bedazzled pieces; rather it’s about adding an artistic element to your look. You don’t have to be “artsy” to wear it. In fact it’s easier than most jewelry styles because you only need to wear one piece to take your outfit to the next level! If you are a bit hesitant, try a fun, lightweight earring that has clean lines and a neutral colour & stone. By doing this, you ensure that they’ll go with a variety of outfits and won’t be a one-hit-wonder.


If larger-scale jewelry isn’t your thing, you can definitely create your own stunning and memorable style with more delicate pieces. By layering three or more items, you’re building a look that is feminine, contemporary and poised.

Unlike baking a layer cake, creating beautiful Waterfall Layers is simple. Pick your favorite necklace, and then put on another that is one or two inches longer. As a third step, add a very simple chain to create your own beautiful Waterfall Layers. When you’re feeling good about your trio, you can even add a fourth and fifth necklace for a modern, high fashion look!


For years there was a major Golden Takeover, where finding any silver jewelry proved to be difficult. This season, designers are giving more sterling silver jewelry options- making one design in both silver and gold. While Gold is definitely timeless, and it isn’t going anywhere, having the option to wear silver jewelry in a current style is on women’s wish lists! To make the transition easy, you can even try mixing and matching your metals, or find jewelry items that combine silver with gold.


Like Michael Jordan in the 90’s, we are full of hoop dreams! Years ago, I had these sterling silver hoops that I wore every day. They were the perfect size, weight, and thickness. They were not only my Go-To, but essentially my One-And-Only …until I lost one and couldn’t find another similar pair to replace them. My how times have changed! Now there are SO many different sizes, styles and takes on the hoop earring. Whatever your personal style, there’s a hoop for you! Big or small, silver or gold, with a bit of sparkle or a gemstone accent, bold or dainty… we can all live happily, and like Michael Jordan, achieve our Hoop Dreams!


Gemstoned, that is! The list of beautiful gemstones is seemingly endless, but there are a few that are most commonly used in jewelry design because of their beauty, cost and versatility.

Moonstone and Labradorite are two stones that are not only my personal favorite, but their luminescence is unparalleled. When held at different angles, both  gemstones have flashes of varying colours- Labradorite is said to have the Northern Lights captured inside, with incredible purples, blues, and greens.  While Moonstone comes in a variety of colours (chocolate, blush, grey), the Rainbow Moonstone is striking and beautiful. As its name implies, you’ll see rainbow flashes, making it a favorite for both jewelry designers and wearers alike.

You’ll see a variety of other gemstones including Black Onyx, Aquamarine, and Rutilated Quartz. Whatever stone you choose, make sure that it’s an authentic gemstone and not dyed glass or other manmade materials. So, go ahead, pick your favorite, and get (gem)stoned.


Tassel accents on jewelry have been around for a long time! Made popular by the boho trend, most common are tassels that are made out of fine cotton or silk thread, or a thicker cord or yarn for a bolder look. These types of tassels are a fun, casual way to add colour and a bit of whimsy to any outfit.

However, for those women who don’t feel a connection to the boho look, the tassel might not be a style you’ve loved. That is, until now! It’s taken on a more refined look using chains instead of thread. They’re refined, sophisticated, and are easily dressed up, while maintaining a sense of fun, and ease of wear.

Tassel jewelry can be casual, elegant, and a bit more edgy with bigger chains, or coloured metal. My favorite is an oxidized sterling silver which is a sterling silver chain that has been treated to turn black. Being sterling, and not using paint, you don’t compromise on quality and won’t have to worry about the colour chipping off.

Whether you like tassel earrings, or a necklace with a tassel pendant, you can find this style in a variety of lengths, thicknesses, and weights. Tassel jewelry is fun & youthful, yet it can also be sophisticated & classy.

Six different jewelry styles – try them and have fun! Don’t overthink it, just pick something that you’re drawn to and go for it! The worst case scenario…you take it off. The best case scenario: you pushed yourself outside of your box and fell in love. Be bold and beautiful, layered, sporting gold or silver, hooped, stoned… be the queen of your own tassel that you were born to be! 

Written by Apostle Boutique

Photographed by Modern Nest Photography

Model : Alex Ellsworth

Hair : Keltie Leguilloux, Chatters Crowfoot

Makeup : Bellamore Beauty, Riley

Wardrobe : Shop Collins St & Crabapple Clothing Company

Location : RNDSQR