Colourful Pattern Mixing

We talk a big colour game here at NEAT. And we like to think that we put our money where our mouths are when it comes the topic. We walk the walk as much as we talk the talk because we truly LOVE wearing colour. We have long assumed that most people shy away from wearing it, which is why we are always encouraging people to go for it! But we do know that a lot of you out there love colour as much, or more, than we do. So let’s call this the advanced class and move onto our other love. No, not food, we are talking about patterns!

Mixing patterns with neutral colours is easy, but trying to incorporate bold colours into the pot can be challenging. Nobody wants to look like Great Aunt Millicent at Thanksgiving dinner. You know, with the multiple scarves, costume jewelry, two purses and runny lipstick. Or maybe some of you do, in which case fill your boots! What we are trying to say is mixing colourful patterns can be tricky. It’s hard to know when you are one pattern away from looking like your childhood tickle trunk had the hangover pukes all over you. What? You weren’t a child alcoholic?

The thing is, it’s actually quite simple. The key to mixing colours and patterns is to stay relatively in the same colour sphere. Choose your busiest and loudest patterned garment in your outfit and pull your colours from there.  As long as there is some crossover you are golden! The colours don’t even have to be in the same tone. Go ahead and mix jewel tones with pastels. As long as you have similar shades and hues it’s going to look fabulous! I mean, who doesn’t want to look like one big piece of modern art, from multiple artists, with multiple personalities? We certainly do.

So run home and start pulling out all of your patterned pieces. Pink polka dots, red stripes, yellow leopard print and whatever else is hiding behind all of those solid neutrals. Start trying things on and pairing things you normally wouldn’t. You will eventually hit a colour/pattern goldmine and then there will be no talking you off the edge. Welcome to the colourful side.