Colourful Monochrome

Oh the wonderful world of colour. If you have been following our latest posts, you will know we have been talking a lot about colour. A LOT. We’ve given you a step-by-step program into adding colour into your wardrobe, and we’ve also touched on advanced colour and print mixing. Today we are going to talk about wearing the same colour head to toe. This idea seems simple enough, because it is! This is probably the easiest way you can have a colourful wardrobe. Just throw on the same colour for every piece of clothing and call it a day!

Ok there might be more to this concept than just that, but, truly, this is as easy as it gets. The only caveat is that this look is….bold! It is one thing to commit to a few colourful accessories or to wear a multi-coloured outfit. But head-to-toe monochrome? This look will turn heads.

We only have a few suggestions for wearing an entire outfit in the same colour. If you don’t have the exact same shade for every item, then use different shades of the same colour. Throwing in one mismatched piece while everything else is perfectly coordinated can throw everything off. Also this helps to break up the outfit and differentiate each piece you are wearing. It also stops you from looking like a giant blueberry/Pepto Bismol bottle/banana by giving your outfit some contrast.

Our second suggestion is to really commit to the look. If you are wearing all yellow, then wear ALL yellow. Don’t wimp out and throw on a white t-shirt or black shoes. Trust us, the overall look is going to be striking! And this idea can make choosing outfits SO easy because if everything is the same colour, it already matches and you don’t need to worry about this sweater going with that skirt. Boom, life hack, you’re welcome!

We will leave it here and hope that you can take something away from our colourful blog posts over the past few weeks. And if you are rocking something colourful that you love, send us a pic on Instagram. We are always looking for inspiration!


Written by The NEAT Blog

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