Your Guide to Wines for the Holiday Hosting Season

The holiday season means parties – and parties mean wine, lots of wine. Different parties require different bottles, depending on whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering with friends, trying to impress the boss, or are in search for what to bring for those last-minute holiday soirees. Whatever the party situation, our friends at Bin 905 Wines in Mission have got you covered with a foolproof holiday party wine-buying guide. 

Wines for Hosting a Holiday Gathering

If you’re someone who has committed to hosting, you’ve probably started picking out your festive décor, prepping the seasonal menu and begun to mentally prepare yourself for greeting a lot of guests. And, like any good party host, you know that it’s important to also pick out wines that are sure to be crowd pleasers, among the wide range of tastes and preferences that will be walking through your door. Here are some of the top suggestions for picking out the perfect wines when hosting:  

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is the world’s most versatile red wine when it comes to an affinity for food pairing; you can spend as little as twenty-dollars or more for the top selections. It’s a great choice for guests looking to sip and savour or wash down the wide array of different food or appetizers on the menu. Not to mention, it’s a bit more approachable for those not keen on the heavy, full-bodied cab savs.

Bin 905 Staff Recommendations for Pinot Noir

Racine Pinot Noir

Racine is a simple pinot noir from the Languedoc region inthe south of France for $21. This wine has become increasingly popular over thepast year because of its more expansive palate than most red wines, with lightfruit-forward notes.   

Chateau de Chamirey 2016 Mercurey

Looking to pack a bit more of a punch? Then opt for the Chateau de Chamirey 2016 Mercurey, a gutsy Pinot, retailing at $55, which pairs perfectly with a lamb or beef entrée. This dry cherry-coloured wine features medium spice and floral and fruity scents while offering a broad texture as well as smooth tannins.   


Rosé is now a year-round staple and is the perfect wine to serve if turkey or baked salmon is on the menu. It’s approachable, refreshing, and one of the most popular wine styles in the world. Bin 905 now has a full aisle dedicated to the delicious pink stuff, along with great recommendations for which one you should try next.

Bin 905 Staff Recommendations for Rosé

Domaine Pelle’s 2017Menetou-Salon Rosé

Domaine Pelle’s 2017 Menetou-Salon Rosé, made from pinot noir, is delicious, showing vibrant red currant/stone fruit notes and retails for $27 at Bin 905. Totally sippable and refreshing, this is one we guarantee your guests will love!


Chardonnay is the most popular white wine, making it a great go-to choice for any host or hostess. Depending on the provenance, Chardonnay can be exciting or dull. Thankfully, the team at Bin 905 are experts in Chardonnay and have listed their top picks below.

Bin 905 StaffRecommendations

2016 Pacificana

If you prefer the big, blousy California style the 2016Pacificana is a great party-pleaser, as it showcases classic styles for a newgeneration of wine enthusiasts. This 100%-barrel-fermented wine from the southcentralcoast, retailing for only $21, features notes of butterscotch, candied lemons,and vanilla.  

2016 Christophe Chablis

A favourite of Bin 905 staff is the crisp, mineral-driven examples from Chablis and, particularly, the 2016 Christophe Chablis: a splendid example, bursting with minerality, lime zest, and stone fruits, retailing for $35.  

Sparkling Wines

Finally, no holiday party is complete without a glass of sparkling wine, a broad category mainly associated with Champagne or Prosecco. A Bin 905 insider tip is to begin every dinner party with a sparkling wine of some description to get guests in the spirit for a fun night ahead.

Bin 905 Staff Recommendations

LaTaille aux Loups Brut Tradition

Current staff favourites include the La Taille aux LoupsBrut Tradition from the Loire Valley in France, retailing for $34. It’s madefrom Chenin Blanc from the Montlouis-sur-Loire appellation by winemaker JackieBlot, the region’s star winemaker, making it a centrepiece of any holidayspread.

Moutard Brut Grand Cuvee

If a traditional champagne is more what you’re after then the Moutard Brut Grand Cuvee is a remarkable bargain at only $46, bettering many very famous labels that sell for $20 or more a bottle. Serve it alongside some oysters for a match made in holiday heaven.

Bin 905 is here to make gift-giving over the holidays, easy and beautiful with a range of custom gift wrap options for you to choose from. This way you can go straight from the store to your party without sacrificing a beautifully decorated gift.

On behalf of the staff at Bin 905, we raise a glass and wish you a happy and safe holiday season!

How to Style a Holiday Bar Cart

Almost as important as the wines and beverages you are serving is the way you present them and provide access to them for your guests. A portable bar cart is an ideal solution for creating a space for mixing and serving drinks, that can be placed wherever is convenient in your home and moved around if space is needed.

It’s also important to make your bar cart look like itbelongs as part of the holiday festivities. Here are some of our tips forstyling your holiday bar cart.

  1. Add festive greens and seasonal plants for a live element that adds a pop of colour and smells amazing.
  2. Display glassware for a pretty sparkle and easy accessibility. 
  3. Place fresh garnishes, such as citrus fruits (especially mandarins at this time of year) in a bowl for easy access. Don’t forget to include a cutting surface and a small paring knife, so everything you need is at hand
  4. As with styling any shelf, it’s helpful to create levels and layers. If your cart has a bottom shelf, include some cocktail books or cook books for some added dimension. Be sure not to put these on the top level of the bar cart, as this is where drinks will be poured, and you wouldn’t want to spill on your books.
  5. Make sure to have a great selection of favourite wines at the ready for all tastes and palates. Head over to Bin 905 for more great tips on choosing the perfect wines for your holiday get-togethers.

Written by Bin 905 // Photographed by Common & Company