SHO Luxury Home Care

Clean Spaces 

The world is a messy place, and as we go about our day we are constantly bombarded with germs, chemicals, and pollutants. Make your home a true refuge and sanctuary. In this day and age you can ensure cleanliness using natural remedies. For example, cleaning kitchen countertops with vinegar or a tee tree mixture instead of chemical household cleaners disinfects surfaces and gives you peace of mind when someone (ahem) inevitably assembles at sandwich there. 

Clear Minds 

Your to-do list is full of holiday getaway reservations, the perfect thread count to impress your in-laws when they come to stay, and making sure you can find the highest quality produce. You don’t need to add worrying about the integrity of your cleaner to that list. Take a quick minute to read a review to ensure that your cleaner values your space as much as you do. 


Your time is valuable and setting it aside to make your home spotless can be quite the challenge. Baskets to contain those pesky phone chargers and headphones can ensure your office space looks neat and tidy without even trying. Throwing your tooth brush holder in the dishwasher when you do your next load saves you the embarrassment of sticky goop all over your bathroom counter when guests come over. It’s the little things over time that make a huge difference when it’s time to show off your beautiful space. 

Breathe Easy

So you’ve purchased eco-friendly cleaning products, you’ve been diligent about putting clothes in the hamper, but that bookshelf still looks daunting. Reaching out to a cleaner every two weeks or even every month can free up precious jewels of time for that glass of wine with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Better yet, have that friend over to your humble abode instead! SHO Luxury Home Care will make your space so clean you’ll want to show it off. Our eco-friendly cleaning products will have your home sparkling without the remnants of harsh chemicals. We would love to help you #shoitoff!

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