DIY Room Sprays

My grandmother’s home, filled with plants, smells ferny and jungle-wet and alive. My in-laws’ home smells like laundry and freezer ice. A friend’s apartment always smells like the cedarwood incense she burns. All these scents are unique, distinctive, and deeply connected to who these people are to me. I have zero standout memories of places that smell like chemical air freshener – except maybe, perhaps, coffee-chain bathrooms. And no one wants their home to smell like a coffee-chain bathroom. Just… don’t use chemical air freshener. Please.

Scents capture a feeling, the essence of a place or a moment. They have the power to affect your mood – they can invigorate you, calm you down, help you concentrate, soothe a headache. So, naturally, how your home smells affects how you feel in it.

Lately, I’ve been playing around with essential oil room sprays, and I absolutely love the extra note of comfort or interest they add to a space. So, so much better than the big-brand stuff.

The basic recipe is just water, alcohol, and oil – oil and water won’t mix well, but having a bit of alcohol in there will help things right along. If you’d rather not use alcohol, witch hazel will do the trick, as well.

What you’ll need:

  • Distilled water
  • Vodka or witch hazel
  • Your favourite essential oils (10-20 drops each)
  • A glass spray bottle

Fill the bottle half-full of vodka or witch hazel, fill the rest of the way with water, and add in your oils! It’s really that easy. If you’re making larger batches, increase the volume of the oil you add.

Here are a few of my favourite blends so far:

Aphrodite – sensual, feminine, floral
10 drops rose oil
15 drops jasmine oil

Dark Forest – refreshing, robust, spicy
15 drops cedarwood oil
5 drops frankincense

Summer Night – juicy, energetic, bright
10 drops orange oil
10 drops neroli oil

Moonlight – dreamy, relaxing, soft
15 drops lavender oil
5 drops vanilla oil

I encourage you to experiment with your own scent combinations too! Some oils aren’t suitable for pregnancy – including jasmine, rose, and cedarwood – so if you’re expecting, make sure to do your research or consult an expert.

Written by Paige Leigh Reist /