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Children grow at a rapid pace. One day you’re selecting a crib and the next they’re off to university. The in-between years of living at home are filled with many milestones, phases of life, and let’s face it, emotions. Having a space kids feel good about, want to spend time in, and are excited to call their own is a wonderful gift as they grow up. 

With teenage years as the most sensitive of them all, provide your teen with a stylish, safe haven as they navigate moving into the next chapter of early adulthood.


Providing both a diffused light with a sheer drapery and an additional layer in front with a blackout lining. This approach blocks natural light for those extra-long sleep-ins and gives options for light control. Bedside table lamps, pot lights and a centre fixture all add additional layers of light within the space.

Plan Ahead Tip #1: Drapery is mounted within a niche in the ceiling designed by DeJong Associates in the planning stages to keep ceilings clean and hardware concealed. 


Teenagers take up space, whether in physical size or personalities, so give them appropriate sized furniture to suit their needs. If they plan to do homework in their room, a desk surface will be necessary. If they like to read, consider a specific reading chair in addition to their bed. 

Plan Ahead Tip #2: Measure heights of windows to allow for flexibility of the furniture layout. See windows as a part of the design rather than a wall that can’t be used. This particular room has wall to wall windows on both east and south facing walls of the bedroom which then helped to determine the best placement of furniture. 


Even in a large home, storage should be considered carefully. In this teen suite, we accommodated for storage throughout the bedroom as well as the ensuite. The walk-in closet is smaller in size, so we considered storage in other areas as well. 

Plan Ahead Tip #3: An assessment of storage needs is important to consider early on in the planning stages. Books, clothing, shoes, jewelry all require consideration and planning, so the best possible requirements are reached. 


Designing a kid’s room offers an opportunity for a departure from the rest of the home and the ability to give teens a space to call their own. Consider colours and patterns with a youthful feel, however, maintaining a sense of longevity and sophistication so they enjoy coming back home to the space in their university years.

Plan Ahead Tip #4: Find time to talk with your teen about their likes and dislikes, colour preferences etc. in the early stages of a project to streamline the planning and selection process. 


Promote their individuality with special items that share their love of a sport, music, travel etc. While it may not be what mom would choose, these details make all the difference in giving a teenager a space to call their own. 

Most of all have fun with it and don’t take the design too seriously!

Partner post written by Nyla Free Designs

Interior Design: Nyla Free Designs

Home Designer: Dejong Design Associates

Builder: Insignia Custom Homes

Photographer: Phil Crozier