Mindfulness Journey with Kate

Hi friends ????????

I’m in the throws of some major changes over here – in my heart, mind, body, and in my actions and interactions.

A couple of years back I got some unfortunate news about my health and when I added that to my lifelong struggle with anxiety, depression, and insomnia, it was a hard blow.  But that was the beginning of my journey towards living my life in a more mindful and meaningful way.

It began with eating healthy, whole-foods, and dabbling with vegetarian/vegan options a few times a week. I also began choosing health and beauty products that are made with natural ingredients and are cruelty free.

These changes caused a chain reaction within and since the start, the decision to think before acting, purchasing, eating, arguing, etc, has had a huge impact on who I am in a very positive way.

Choosing to live in a mindful way is not as hard or as new-age as it sounds. It often gets connected to slow living, which in my case, is not really a possibility, or meditation, which is also a good practice, but not specifically related to mindfulness.

Mindfulness is simply the act of thinking about what you are doing as you are do it. These days, we are all about the multi-task, and mindfulness is essentially the opposite. Engage in what you are doing and let yourself fully experience all aspects of the activity.

Making well-considered decisions and then acting on those decisions in a thoughtful manner. I engaged this type of thinking into one area of my life at a time in an effort to create lasting habits and to rebuild my thought patterns.

The next step down this road is my wardrobe.

I am working to build myself a mindful closet full of pieces with an ethical provenance and a comfortable and easy yet hard working future. I also aim to achieve all of this as a size non-conformist (a size 16), which is historically not easy if even possible.

By seeking out brands who believe in what they are creating, who are willing to have a conversation about sizing and body shapes, and who are working to change the way the fashion industry effects the environment, the consumer, and the community at large, I can build a mindful collection of clothing that is in line with what I am trying to practice.

This is my list. These are pieces that make sense for my life- pieces that will carry me through all of the things that fill my days. I have been working on this list for a few months and even just the act of researching the pieces, illustrating all of them, choosing the perfect colours, and culling down the list has been an act of mindfulness in itself. 

So, here’s to change, especially when it’s for the better. And here’s to the people and businesses that make the change a little bit easier.

Kate Klassen

Kate Klassen

Editor in Chief // Creative Director

Kate is the founder, creator and Editor-in-Chief of Dote. With a background in art and design, the vision for Dote was to share stories to inspire and encourage a well-styled and meaningful life with the community that we connected with. Nearly 5 years later, Kate continues to direct the content towards the vision on all of the Dote outlets.