Meet Holly Tyler

Tell us about your background and any past experiences that have shaped your work.

I started my career after college in the cycling industry in custom apparel and began creating custom wedding invites and portraits for people on the side. My role at the bicycle company opened a new world of surface design to me, and I did everything I could to learn Illustrator and making artwork digitally. I recently took my illustration full time, and I now create surface design patterns for apparel and custom illustrations for individuals and businesses. Cycling and outdoor adventures are a huge part of my life, so much of my artwork is influenced by nature and athletics, while still remaining whimsical and feminine.

Can you tell us a bit about the creative design process in making your art?

With my art being heavily influenced by nature and outdoor athletics, much of it is inspired by the current season and prominent athletic events or races. My work is predominately created digitally on an iPad, which allows for easy use of layers (and the ever-helpful undo button!). I begin with a very rough sketch, trace over the rough, add colour, then clean up my lines. Despite being an introvert, I feel I work much better from coffeeshops or public spaces.

Where do you draw upon inspiration for your art?

I like to find inspiration from the world around me and less from others’ art so my work will remain my own. I’m not a big shopper myself, but I love going to stores, from outdoor boutiques in small towns to luxury brands in big cities, to see how the trends relate, what feelings they elicit, and how I can incorporate those feelings into my art and patterns. I’m always inspired by the stories people tell when they have me illustrate their bikes, pets, loved ones, or wedding bouquets. Each commission has a unique backstory, and I’m honoured people share them with me.

Who are some of your favourite artists, designers, and makers?

Some of my favourite artists are Jeremy Collins, Maggie Cole, Christoph Niemann from Abstract Sunday, and Agnes Trouble. Jeremy Collins’s work has the most incredible detail, gorgeous mountain imagery, and he tirelessly advocates for conservation efforts. Both Maggie and Christoph have such interesting humour and are so talented. Agnes Trouble is the fashion designer behind Agnes B. and her use of bold and uncommon prints is always so creative.

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