How Connection Grows…

Three years ago, I walked into a Crave Cupcakes shop on a Friday evening, unaware that I would be leaving with far more than some delicious treats.

I ordered my cupcakes, not-so-patiently waited to have them packaged up and saw something I hadn’t ever seen before. It turned out to be a Dote Magazine. I immediately got one, knowing from the cover that I was already falling in love.

I went home, ate the cupcake immediately (for anyone who was wondering…) and read the magazine cover to cover. The thing that I was left with, (besides the now empty cupcake wrapper) was a feeling of connection that I had never felt before. 

See, at that time in my life I was more than three years into a floundering stationary design business, isolated (by choice) and creatively starving. Yes…I was designing stuff, but it wasn’t working. But after that day I knew – ‘Oh. I am not alone. Other people actually care about that same stuff that I do’ and that – was irreplaceable.

I emailed two of the founders immediately (hi Kate & Jenny!) confessing my love. A lot has changed since then, including shifting my business in a big and bold way and now actually being an official part of the Dote team – but one thing hasn’t. That feeling – that desire for connection only grew.

The connection I felt by reading Dote was expansive. I felt it towards my city, the entrepreneurial community, the beauty of the imagery and even the colour. It went on and on as it does to this day.

The most surprising part though, is that it actually fuelled my personal creative fire and I went on to create connection in my own way by doing what I do now with Sweet Clover Studios. I dove straight in to the heart of my world to publish children’s books (Mindful ABCs, Mindful 1,2,3), online courses (Expanding: A Mindfulness & Meditation Personal Practice Program) and resources in hopes that I can provide a little place in this world for even more connections to grow. I hope to see kids connecting with their inner selves, parents/educators/caregivers connecting to little ones, all people connecting to the moment, and that is just the beginning.

Welcome Little Star: A Memory Keeper of Mindful Moments, is my newest offering to the universe as my answer to the call for more connection still. Having lost my mother at 11 years old, the perceived loss of her connection is something that I never knew how to repair, and I didn’t want anyone else to have to feel either.

By creating a beautiful place to document emotion-based thoughts, feelings, moments and observations about your time with your little one, the connection has the opportunity to live on and grow as your lives unfold. I won’t ever know what my Mom was thinking when she saw me laugh or how our days together felt to her but I’m hoping that passing this baby book into the world, it will help more connections grow in their own ways too.

So, whether you have children or not, read magazines or don’t – my hope is that you find out where your connections can grow and water them with love, attention and intention to expand. Then, just see what happens next…

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Tamara Hackett

Tamara Hackett

Distribution/Shop Coordinator

Joined Dote as a creative entrepreneur – happy to contribute to the overall well-being of the company. Connecting people with products, and special days with the community.