Top Valentine’s Day Brunches in Calgary

Ok, we all know that the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, but what if you’re not the cooking type (no judgement). We’ve mapped out five local eateries that are so good they’re worth getting out of bed for! Oh, and the list wouldn’t be complete without a few menu suggestions because sometimes it’s just too difficult to choose (we’ve got you)!


Looking for a causal café with quality coffee and a little something sweet? We suggest a nut milk latte made with their homemade almond and cashew nut milk, parried with the honey, hazelnuts and cream toast. This wouldn’t be complete without one of Crème by Dim Sum Diet’s Valrhona Dark Red Bean Chocolate Cream Puffs (we’re drooling just thinking about it).


Who doesn’t love a classic breakfast with farm-to-table, responsibly-sourced ingredients (don’t we all?). With a menu larger than life, you may find it difficult to narrow it down. Our suggestion, order two meals and share… At least you’ll get to try two amazing dishes! They also have veggie options: their Meat-less to Say and Vegetable and Legume Burger are favourites among vegetarians alike. Need something sweet to seal the deal? Their list of sweets would satisfy any sweet tooth. 

Sidewalk Citizen 

This casual café serves up bright and bold food that will leave you delighted, excited, and full. The casual warm atmosphere is inviting and may leave you wanting to linger (maybe even enjoy another pastry…). If you’re looking to enjoy a meal, the Cured Salmon and Fried Egg Sandwich on a brioche bun is out of this world delicious, and a close second would be the Red Shakshuka, served with fresh sourdough bread! More of a dessert person? You can’t go wrong with one of their flaky, lush pastries or titillating desserts. The dessert counter is so long it might take you longer to order one that it will to eat it. 

Monki Breakfast Club & Bistro

If you’re one for classics (eggs Benedict lovers, listen up), you may just go bananas for Monki. They pride themselves for serving up creative twists on breakfast classics. Whether you’re a hangry monki, a healthy monki, or a sweet monki, their menu has the perfect dish for you. What are the must-orders? The Chorizo Bene is among the fan favourites, and the Breakfast Poutine. But maybe you’re a healthy monki (or aspiring to be), in which case you’ll want to order the Salmon Avocado Toast with a side of iced coffee. 

Vendome Café

You can find this sweet historic café nestled in the heart of Sunnyside. Everything, from their soups, sandwiches, and binge-worthy brunches are made in-house, and their delectable (Instagram-worthy) pastries and fresh bread baked every morning by their sister company (Alforno Bakery & Café, another delicious must-try YYC eatery). The Yogurt Parfait with house-made gluten-free granola and fresh fruit jam and the Chocolate Chia Breakfast Bowl with whipped coconut milk and a warm matcha latte caught our eyes (we’re getting cozy just thinking of them). 

Mia Shettler

Mia Shettler

Health + Wellness Editor