Summer Pops!

There is nothing better on a sunny summer day than a perfectly frozen homemade popsicle, and with a little bit of creativity and prep, you can make these icy treats super healthy and adorable. Here are a few simple steps to get you started.

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  1. Molds
    We built our popsicles in a few different molds; a large cocktail ice cube tray, a small ice cube tray, and plastic pop molds. We used the classic wooden popsicle sticks or, in the small trays, no sticks.
  2. Ingredients
    First we created some simple flavour combinations that my daughter and I would both enjoy, and then we decided which shape we wanted them to go in. Our favourite combinations were the blueberry and peach with Greek yogurt, the coconut water with stone fruit, and the kombucha with dragon fruit. We also made mint lemonade, matcha lemonade, cherry coconut water, and earl grey milk tea. At this point, the sky is the limit! Any combination of fruits, beverages, and yogurts will work.
  3. Layering
    Creating the pretty layers or designs is the fun part! Decide how you want your pops to look, remembering that the bottom of the mold will be the top of the pop. Add the desired amount of your first layer and place in the freezer until frozen completely – do not add the stick in at this point.

*TIP – Most fruit will float, so if you want fruit to show in your top layer, ensure that you use a minimal amount of liquid until the fruit is frozen in place.

When layer 1 is frozen add your second layer and let freeze for about 15 minutes. Add the sticks and let freeze until completely frozen.

Continue this until all layers are complete!

*TIP- The thicker your layers (blended fruit and yogurt), the easier the layering process will be.

Your pops are ready to enjoy!

Kate Klassen

Kate Klassen

Editor in Chief // Creative Director

Kate is the founder, creator and Editor-in-Chief of Dote. With a background in art and design, the vision for Dote was to share stories to inspire and encourage a well-styled and meaningful life with the community that we connected with. Nearly 5 years later, Kate continues to direct the content towards the vision on all of the Dote outlets.