Dote Magazine Issue 9

Hello Friends,

The launch of our ninth lifestyle issue is around the corner and I wanted to take a moment to share some of the inspiration behind the issue. We start each issue with an overall inspiration board and colour palette – this gives us something to refer to as we start planning all of the stories and articles that will fill the pages.

The theme for this issue is Live Colourfully, and more specifically, living your best life. The idea was to touch on some common areas that many people consider to be things that bring that extra touch of joy to life.

In this issue, we have chosen to share, inspire, and teach about topics that we feel will help to create a beautifully colourful life, literally, and experientially. We hope that you will find something that speaks to you, or even just be inspired to learn something new, either way, we hope you enjoy.

One thing that we want to mention about this issue; don’t get overwhelmed with the world’s definition of your best life – this is something that you have to define for yourself. If raising house plants isn’t for you, don’t feel guilty, wasting time and money trying something you don’t like – just be ok with it and focus your energy on things you love that fulfill you.

Commit to the things that are important to you and see them flourish in your life. Don’t let other people’s definitions of what constitutes a happy life dictate what makes you happy.

We hope that this quick glimpse into Issue 9 has gotten you excited to grab a copy and dig in.

Please come and join us on Friday, November 23rd at Distilled Beauty Bar in Marda Loop, from 4:30 to 8:00 pm for our official launch party and be the first to get a copy! You will also be able to get a manicure in the cover colour, shop our favourite Dotables in our first-ever Dote Pop Up Shop, and enjoy lots of tasty treats.

And if you aren’t able to make it to our launch, stay tuned for the pre-sale announcement coming soon – you do not want to miss this issue!

Happy reading friends,

Kate and the Dote Team

Kate Klassen

Kate Klassen

Editor in Chief // Creative Director

Kate is the founder, creator and Editor-in-Chief of Dote. With a background in art and design, the vision for Dote was to share stories to inspire and encourage a well-styled and meaningful life with the community that we connected with. Nearly 5 years later, Kate continues to direct the content towards the vision on all of the Dote outlets.