Dote Issue 5

Hello Friends!

In this issue of Dote Magazine, we are reflecting on and discussing resolutions. Why do we set them, why can they be hard to keep, and are they important in the constant drive to better ourselves?

The stories in these pages touch on some of the most common resolutions that people set and have a hard time seeing through. We have approached these topics in new and creative ways in hopes that they might inspire and motivate real and healthy change in all of us.

We lead busy lives, and they seem to get busier and busier. We want to challenge you to slow down and be mindful of your day-to-day activities. From what you are eating (page 50), to how you are dressing (page 32), to the money you are spending (page 26), let’s take things a bit slower this season. Enjoy a creative gathering (page 78), pen a thoughtful note (page 84), and send a beautifully curated gift to a loved one (page 66).

Let’s take a moment. 

Let’s take a breath.

Let’s pause and be mindful of what’s happening all around us.

And then, let’s resolve to make lasting resolutions and meaningful changes to live our best lives.

XO, The Dote Team

Photo by Natalie Andrusiak of Heart & Sparrow Photography