Anastacia’s Current Favourites

Sex and Takeout by Sarah Bahbah

I’ve been following Sarah for a few years now and remember first seeing this picture from her Sex and Takeout series on WeWoreWhat’s Instagram feed. She creates scenes that empower her audience to accept themselves and indulge in all levels of self-love. She truly is a storyteller, pushing boundaries and working with companies like Condé Nast, Capitol Records, and Gucci to liberate their audiences globally.
Photo by @sarahbahbah

Colourful eyeliner

I’ve really been loving the trend of colourful eyeliner for summer or as a pop to an all-black winter outfit. It adds such a nice little detail that’s super easy to achieve. I’ve picked up a few Sephora Collection eyeliners in the last few months, and it’s so fun to try adding a little blue pop of colour to your everyday makeup routine.
Photo by @glossier

Vintage mirrors

I’ve been on the hunt for a vintage, gold mirror that would add a little dimension to my bedroom. I love the antique detail and interest they add to a room, and they make for great photo ops too!
Photo by @k.els.e.y

White boots

I’m a sucker for boots. Give me all the ankle boots in all the colours, but one of my favourites is a chunky, combat-style boot in white. I think they add such a nice pop to an outfit – especially in a chunkier boot – they can give that grungy vibe, while being more feminine than an all-black boot.
Photo by @collagevintage

Mirrored trays (and loads of products)

Now, normally I love minimal products or things on display in my bedroom or bathroom, but lately, this vibe of mirrored trays and displaying endless products has been calling my name. It doesn’t hurt, either, when the bottles all seem to magically go together and make for a beautiful addition to the tone and vibe of a room.
Photo by @ohuprettythings

Anastacia Jido

Anastacia Jido

Anastacia works to bring the editor-in-chief’s vision to life through branding and graphic design. She spends her days creating graphics, checking that content follows Dote’s branding, updating Dote’s website, and working on Dote Notes (our new monthly newsletter!) Find her on her phone or on the computer 99% of the time brainstorming, pulling inspo and creating new designs for Dote.