Wrap It Up

You’ve thought about all of your gifts with such care, you’ve spent the time and energy to go out and find the perfect things (or searched all over the Internet), and now it’s time to put that same effort into presenting them to your loved ones.

For some people, wrapping Christmas gifts is the best part of the giving process, and we’ve put together a few ideas to help you spice it up a bit this year.

We’ve also put some thought into how you can achieve some interesting new looks while using all recyclable and, in some cases, compostable materials.

Paint Splatter

  • Use recyclable/compostable kraft paper to wrap your packages
  • Paint splatter is an easy way to add interest to simple packages
  • This is a fun craft to do with kids and is basically fool-proof
  • Adorn your parcels with wooden beads and dried orange slices, which can be re-used year after year

Candle Topper

  • Use simple kraft paper to wrap packages that you can either recycle or reuse in future years
  • Place a handmade or purchased beeswax candle atop your gift
  • Create handmade gift tags using thicker brown paper and add colourful yarn to brighten up your package (if you use yarn made of 100% wool, it is fully compostable)

Greenery Topper

  • Use kraft paper to wrap packages
  • Simple fresh greenery and berries add a festive touch when placed atop brown parcels and these can be easily composted after use
  • Use colourful string to tie bundle of greens on to your package

Potato Stamp

  • Carve your own handmade designs into a potato stamp and the options to elevate simple kraft paper are endless
  • We chose a Christmas tree and star since straight lines can be easier to cut into the potato, but the world is your oyster; try making a bell, Santa hat, or a candy cane
  • Paint your stamps different colours to add interest to your packages
  • You can then top your painted parcels with any simple string or greenery to create a festive look
  • Create your own gift tags and combine multiple colours to create a beautiful marbled effect

Photographed by Common & Company