The Cutest Christmas Countdown

‘Tis the season for celebrating and creating, and to kick things off, I put together this cute and easy DIY Christmas countdown. You can create so many versions of this depending on who you’ll be counting down with. Use this simply as inspiration!

My muse? Our little cherub, Clover. She’s three, and, let me tell you, three-year-olds start asking if tomorrow is Christmas at the first site of a nutcracker in early November. I figured a festive advent calendar would help manage some of those toddler expectations and be a daily way to create some holiday magic and memories.

Any creative project starts with choosing a great colour palette. I picked a less-traditional holiday scheme, as Clover is all things coral, blush, mint, white, copper, and gold. Let who you’re crafting this for inform your colour palette.

Next, start your search for all the tiniest, sweetest treats you can find! I simply looked for possibilities everywhere I went and pulled from a few creative friends. Hair accessories, nail polish, ornaments, gemstones, candy, and itty bitty sweet treats. Vicki from Pretty Sweet says that macarons, cookies, and chocolates will freeze nicely and can be pulled out when it’s time to gift them. See my full list below for ideas and sources.

To package up the little treasures, I chose white kraft paper bags (from Creative Packaging), added some hand lettering, and sealed them with coordinating washi tape. So simple!

Along with the treats, I’ll include a note each day to do something meaningful together. Some of our plans include: taking coffee to a friend at work, enjoying an afternoon in the mountains, making candy cane ice cream, going for a family hot chocolate date, packing an Operation Christmas Child shoebox, exploring holiday markets, attending local events, etc. The list is endless!

Happy creating, gifting, and memory making, friends.

Sources for treats and toys pictured:

Written + styled by Alexandra Joy Wig, Dote Style Editor / @pinkandhoney

Photographed by Blair Marie Photography / @blairmarie