Our Relationship Between Memory and Music

There’s something special about the relationship between memory and music. We all know it and feel it. That time you drove your crush home from school and The Cranberries CD was playing on the stereo. The road trip playlist you sang at the top of your lungs with your crew. Your first kiss and that 80’s hit that will forever be soaked in memories.

Music somehow elevates these moments, doesn’t it? It stamps them in our memories. There is a long list of songs that can transport us from where we sit to another place, instantly, like no other time machine. It’s so powerful that some of us have bought the same album multiple times, on different formats; one for the car (digital, cassette or CD) and vinyl at home. It’s all of this that made us decide to chase our dreams and do music full time; one of the easiest decisions of our lives – and we wouldn’t change a thing.

We love music. It’s the most consistent thing we’ve done all our lives. Thousands of hours spent gigging, with even more hours crammed in vans, trains and planes traveling all over to play music. It’s life-giving. DJ’ing was such an easy transition as we started ‘adulting’, allowing us to be home more for the first time in years, which we’ve craved since starting families. It’s been a few years now since we officially started ‘Local DJ’ and the honour of putting music to your moments, to those big moments that will be etched on your memory forever keeps us wanting to be better and better.

Thank you Calgary for allowing us to do what we love and trusting us with your most treasured events. Here’s to us dancing our hearts out, living in that moment and creating new memories together. 

Sponsored post written by Local DJ / @localdj and Local Booth / @thelocalbooth
Photo by Mike Seehagel / @mikeseehagel