Banbury Lane by Robert Pashuk Architecture.

As someone who doesn’t take very well to DIY projects, our Dote office needed some savvy storage solutions on a small budget, and I needed to embrace a creative little project.  

I asked the Dote team for some help, and we set out to source some inspiration from Pinterest and discovered some really cool IKEA hacks.

Banbury Lane came quickly to mind as we knew they would have exactly what we needed to make this piece our own. Their design centre located on 10th Ave + 12th Street SW in the beautiful historic AB Cushing Mills lumber building, was the perfect spot to peruse cabinet hardware. They have a wide selection of ornamental ironworks, door handles, decorative mailboxes and of course rows upon rows of cabinet knobs and pulls, plus so much more! https://www.banburylane.com

Banbury Lane by Robert Pashuk Architecture.

We started with a very simple pine cabinet from IKEA – the IVAR which costs about $130.00. Tamara, our lovely distribution gal and I took an hour or two to put the cabinets together.

After visiting Banbury’s beautiful Design Center we picked out some walnut type knobs and positioned them in the center of the cabinets. (Thank you to my handy assistant with the power tools, Mike Klassen)

Next came my biggest challenge – Painting. I don’t know why, but painting isn’t exactly my forté.

I sat down with Kate, our editor and creative genius behind Dote to design something that I could easily paint. Our Dote office is a palette of pink, so we were looking to add some pops of color.

I sectioned off pieces on the doors with painter’s tape, purchased sample pots of paint from Home Depot, and with some simple foam brushes, I had two coats done within an hour.

Our final addition was some furniture legs which we found at Home Depot. I marveled how Kate knew her way around such a big store – the only thing left to do was paint them watermelon pink!

All in all, the Dote team is very happy with the new cabinet. It will be home to some of our shoot props and Dote supplies.

This DIY took about 5 hours to source everything and pull it all together.

***Also full disclaimer: This “Do It Yourself” turned into a “ask for help when needed project.” We quickly realized with putting tiny little legs on a big ol’ cabinet that we needed to secure this to the wall! Always good to ensure your piece is secured or has big enough legs to support it.

A big thanks to Banbury Lane, Tamara, Mike and Kate for helping me complete this piece.


Cabinet – IKEA IVAR pine cabinet – $130.00 each  // www.ikea.ca

Knobs – BANBURY LANE (Manzoni Walnut Wing Knob) – $33.60 each // https://www.banburylane.com

Paint + Legs  – HOME DEPOT – $23.00 // www.homedepot.ca 

Banbury Lane Design Center images by – Robert Pashuk Architecture www.robertpashukarchitecture.com/portfolio/retail-banbury-lane

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