Shine Bright Like a Diamond

When it comes to skincare, I have a pretty simple routine; wash, tone, moisturize and hydrate, that’s it. But since turning 30, I have noticed my skin starting to lose some of it’s luster, firmness, and youth. I’ve never really been into facials, and Botox and other more invasive treatments were never an option for me – I’m just not interested in those options.

Leanne and I were introduced to Löschn for the first time a couple of months ago. It was being explained to us as basically a non-invasive Botox treatment, so we decided to try it out.

We met for our appointment and were taken into a lovely room swimming with natural sunlight. I was asked to take a seat in a big leather recliner by Daryn, one of the three trained Löschn technicians. As she reclined me all the way back in the chair, she explained that through the use of her tool (which kind of looks like a blunt letter opener) she would massage my face and neck which will move and drain the excess fluid.

Daryn began with one side of my face so we could compare the two sides and the results were immediate – I looked like I had had a face lift; my eye and eyebrow were higher, my cheek was higher and my cheek bone was more defined, my lips were bigger and there was more definition to my chin. It was pretty remarkable and we were only half done.

Daryn explained that with microcirculation and the stimulation of the lymphatic system, she could guide the excess fluid from the face which would stop the loss of muscle tension, improve firmness and softness, and encourage a natural glow.

She proceeded with the other side of my face and when she was done, not only was I totally relaxed, but I looked visibly rejuvenated; rested, younger, and firmer. Leanne came out of her room, after her treatment with Robyn, the other technician, and she looked stunning. “Twenty mins of absolute relaxation and immediate results, yep sign me up.”

This simple, holistic facial massage worked wonders!

Needless to say, Leanne and I are converts and true believers in Löschn as a way to fight the signs of aging and are so excited to help spread the word.

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