Make it Calgary

Make It Calgary is back April 6-8, at The Big Four! Spring is *finally* in the air, and this is the perfect place to freshen up your wardrobe and home. Over 135 incredible artists and makers from across Canada will be selling their beautiful handmade items that are crafted with love and intention. When you buy from a Makie, you’re able to share in the story of someone who’s making a living doing what they love. It’s an inspiring and positive energy when you can help to support someone else’s dream.

This will be the third show for Make It at The Big Four…and it’s going to be a good one! The Makies have been working away all winter long to ensure there are plenty of gorgeous items you’re not going to be able to resist. The quality and style of buying handmade in unmatched – plus you can feel warm and fuzzy knowing what you buy is ethically and consciously made. It’s definitely a double win!

To keep things exciting, Make It is always accepting fresh new talent into the show. This year you can easily find out who’s new by looking for the “I’m a New Makie” on the Make It website. When you come to the show, all the newbies will also have special signs up in their booth so you can give them extra love. It can be an exciting, but terrifying feeling to sell what you make, and a little bit of encouragement can go a long way.

Some of the new Makies that you won’t want to miss are:

Make It got its start when siblings Jenna and Chandler Herbut had the idea to create a craft fair that their peers would want to sell at. Being makers themselves, they saw a need for something different than what was currently out there. At the time, there weren’t a whole lot of ‘cool’ crafty events, and the handmade revelation had only just begun. Etsy was new on the scene and social media had only just started. It’s crazy now to think of life before social media!

The first ever Make It took place in Edmonton in 2008 at a tiny community centre. There were 25 exhibitors who were also enthusiastic about a craft fair that targeted a different type of customer and did things a little differently. There was also a bar and DJ, which made the whole vibe of Make It feel like something fresh, hip and new. Creating the unique vibe of Make It was something that was done carefully and deliberately.

Today, Make It takes place biannually in Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton. Each year the shows features almost 1000 Makies and attracts over 90,000 conscious consumers. The handmade revolution is one that’s here to stay, and it’s thrilling to see all of the other craft fairs that have emerged in the market.

Supporting creative entrepreneurs to be able to earn a living doing what they love has always been at the core of Jenna’s mission, and it feels incredible to see how enthusiastic Calgarians have been since Make It made a return in 2017. She explains, “we can’t wait to share even more Makies in the Calgary market because we know how appreciated and valued they are.”

Make It has been redefining craft fair since 2008 and what was originally coined as the “handmade revolution” has no signs of slowing down. More and more people are waking up to the importance of voting with their dollars and seeing the significance of buying items handcrafted in Canada. Make It makes this easy, simple, and fun to do!

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