A Different Kind of Registry

We are in an unconventional age. Gone are the days where picking a china pattern and flatware service are your only choices for a wedding registry. You are now welcome to choose traditional home wares like sheet sets and blenders as well as travel, camping equipment, mortgages, and renovation supplies.  We even have a wedding registry at Banbury Lane Design Centre. You may have a home that you have lived in for awhile that needs some sprucing up or just a few fun new details. Or, you may be lucky enough to be moving into your first home together. Either way, we can help you put the personal touches into your home that help make it yours. We invite you to make an appointment with one of our design consultants in our beautiful showroom in downtown Calgary. We will consult with you on your needs, concept, and style preferences. Once we have an idea of your project, we will tour through the showroom and make notes for your selections. You may need cabinet hardware, door hardware, bathroom accessories, or maybe a new mailbox and house numbers. 

Once we have all your selections, we will create a file for your project and give you cards to include in your invitations or give to your guests. As your guests purchase items from your list, we will mark them off to avoid duplication, order the items, and contact you as they arrive. Items will be available for pick-up at your convenience.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding; we can’t wait to meet you and help make your house a home.

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