Dote Weddings

Drawing on our belief that each moment should be celebrated in a well-styled and meaningful way, Dote Magazine is proud to present a special yearly Wedding volume. Stemming from our passion for beautiful, curated occasions, a wedding-focused publication is a natural extension of our established lifestyle brand.

Dote aims to be a continuous source of inspiration and there is no better time to inspire than in the midst of preparing for one of life’s most significant events.

The Dote team was, in fact, formed within the context of weddings, as many of us began and continue our creative and professional journeys in the wedding industry. Between our combined experience and the following we’ve established with our lifestyle publication, Dote is well equipped to be a wedding topic leader.

Dote readers value beauty in all aspects of their lives. And there’s nothing more beautiful than the season of life leading up to a wedding, preparing for marriage, and moving through stages in a lasting relationship.

Our established Dote readership has asked for us to create refined, fresh, authentic wedding content in print. We couldn’t have hoped for a better request.


Click here to download the Dote Weddings Media Kit