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“Whether you’re looking to launch a new health regime, boost your overall wellness, or summit the highest peak, your goals are personal. Working closely with you, we’ll customize your menus, fitness challenges, mentoring sessions, and active outdoor adventures to create a unique experience. You’ll return home from your wellness retreat with amazing memories – plus the knowledge and tools you’ll need to maintain a healthier lifestyle.”- Evolve Retreat Co

by Leanne Wood, Client Relations Lead, Dote Magazine

Back at the end of May, I had the wonderful opportunity to take part in one of Evolve Retreat Co’s spring retreats, held at the beautiful Azuridge Estate Hotel. Their all-inclusive luxury wellness retreats focus on personalized fitness, yoga, clean eating, nutrition, and adventure. Escaping into the wild just twenty minutes out of the city for a day of rest and wellness was nothing short of wonderful.

I had such a warm welcome from the entire team at Evolve, all incredible experts in their field. The passion behind Evolve Retreats started with neighbours and friends, Ingemaud Gerber and Tina Green.

We began the day with a mini bootcamp led by television trainer, Tommy Europe, outside on Azuridge’s stunning property. This was followed by a group hike at Fullerton Loop with expert Ronna Schneberger; a wonderful experience where we learned how to properly hike up and down a mountain by resting on our skeletons, maintaining an even cadence, and keeping rhythm to ensure a more enjoyable experience. During our lunchtime stop, Ronna shared a variety of practices to encourage appreciation and enjoyment of the outdoors. I was particularly interested to learn about the ancient Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku, also known as “Forest Bathing.” This wellness practice takes place amongst trees, free from distractions. Breathing in wood essential oils, it’s a way to reconnect yourself with nature and cleanse away stress.

After returning from the hike, I was pampered with an hour-long massage before spending the afternoon enjoying the property and taking time to reflect on my personal thoughts and goals. Healthy meals and snacks were provided throughout the day, along with a food demonstration by world renowned chef, Alan Wichert. He showed us how to prepare some of the colourful, healthy, and flavourful food we were about to enjoy for dinner, while certified nutritionist, Yvette Styner, explained easy ways to incorporate more nutrients into everyday meals. I felt as though I was involved in an interactive cooking show, and through taste testing everything, I was able to catch the passion of cooking from this comical, jovial chef.

Afterwards, the entire group met in a small dining room where wellness coach, Marin McCue, led us in a thankful meditation. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner reminiscing and learning more about one other, and the night ended with an incredible workshop, “Sleep, The Missing Variable,” with Dr. Inga, followed by guided meditation in The Tiger’s Eye Den.

One of the most amazing aspects of this retreat was the wealth of knowledge shared on wellness, fitness, and nutrition. Guided by a team of experts, there was no shortage of one-on-one time to discuss personal issues, struggles, and goals, or to snag a private yoga session with wellness coach, Marin McCue, to help really relax.

Evolve’s September Wellness Retreat is taking place between September 11th and 15th, and will feature two or four nights of accommodation at Sunshine Mountain Lodge, home of Lonely Planet’s #1 hike in Canada. Spots are limited, but you can reserve today by calling 1-855-505-5951 or sending an email to info@evolveretreatco.com.

If you are passionate and enthusiastic about adventure, this retreat is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to make incredible memories and begin the road to a healthier, happier life.


Written by :: Leanne Wood / @lwooder
Photos by :: Leanne Wood and evolveretreatco.com

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