Quick and Easy NYE Hosting Tips

Happy Holidays Everyone!

We’re going to admit something here because, this is a safe space – right? OK – deep breath – we’re historically bad at New Year’s. Like, really bad. Don’t get us wrong, we love the holidays – wrapping, baking, the subsequent baking taste-testing, the taste-testing palate cleansing wine, the refreshed palate taste-testing 2.0… but we get so wrapped up in it all, we tend to forget to plan to celebrate the incoming year.

So, this year we decided to admit our faults and start 2018 on the right foot – with some planning for NYE! And on the off chance that you too are looking for ways to celebrate (that don’t take much pre-planning), we thought we’d write a quick note on our favourite, easiest, most impactful NYE hosting tips!

If you’ve ever chatted with us, you’ll know that one of our mantras is ‘always combine the necessary logistical elements with design’ (we know – it’s not an overly exciting mantra, but it is effective!) See below for some of our tips on simple ways that make a big impact:

  • One of our favorite ways to elevate a tablescape is styling pre-made food on beautiful platters (some of our favourites come from Homesense!) Keeping a variety of options on-hand (and in different materials, tones and heights) can really help make the table (and those grocery store charcuterie trays) look like something from the Food Network!
  • If you’re ambitious, designing a charcuterie board (we love getting supplies from local markets or specialty food stores), while using your own dishes is a perfect way to elevate the table and feed your guests. Try adding a pomegranate, marinated olives or a honeycomb to the board – they’ll provide a nice pop of color and a sweet add-on!
  • It is New Year’s, so you’ll probably be toasting with a bit of bubbly – leave part of the tablescape for a champagne coupe tower that your guests can grab from when the clock strikes midnight! We recently added these coupes to our own collection!

Happy (almost) 2018, y’all!

Lindsay + Stephanie

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Photography by :: Sarah Tams / @sarah_tams
Florals by :: Fall for Florals / @fallforflorals

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