Giving Back: Jenna Galloway at Wymbin Yoga

When you first meet Jenna Galloway, owner of Wymbin Yoga, you’ll immediately be hit with a sense of calmness and kindness. Essentially the Mary Poppins of the kids yoga world here in Calgary, Galloway is a gentle soul whose heart is even bigger than her big dreams of bringing yoga to all children. Wymbin Yoga is a children and youth yoga studio located in Inglewood, just below Junction 9 Yoga & Pilates. The space promotes wellness education, movement-based classes and an inclusive community and environment.

“Wymbin means “pink-eared duck” in the Australian Aboriginal language. The concept of this philosophy is that every child has something like the pink-eared duck or something else unique about themselves. Our job is to bring out that uniqueness and support them so they are able to be themselves and create, move and live a happy life,” shares Galloway. “We don’t just want kids to come to class, get taught a lesson and then leave. We want this to be a place where they can grow and become their own selves.”

Beyond their regular selection of yoga classes for both children and youth from ages 3-18, Galloway offers many other unique opportunities at the studio for children to get creative, learn how to move their bodies and make new friends. They offer Sankalpa Alternative Preschool Program for children ages 3-5 years old where children are encouraged to use their imagination, creativity and enthusiasm through every aspect of the classroom environment.  Wymbin also hosts birthday parties, workshops, teacher training sessions, Friday night yoga parties and Art School Sundays workshops.

While their offering is vast and diverse, giving back to the community will always be at the heart of this little studio. The BEAM Foundation is Wymbin and Galloway’s true focus. BEAM is a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to influencing the healthy development of kids and youth through yoga. The foundation provides affordable yoga programming to children in Calgary who are sick, recovering, have special needs or who come from low income backgrounds. It is an incredible organization and bring so much happiness and well-being to children across the city that are all dealing with very different circumstances. Galloway has created this foundation by partnering with local organizations such as The Alberta Children’s Hospital, Inn from the Cold, Wood’s Homes and The Boys & Girls Club of Calgary. Since 2012, the foundation has provided over 1000 hours of free yoga programming throughout the city.

“Through these programs we’re really focused on bringing it back to the original princicples of yoga. Just to break it down for the kids, we focus on the physical movement, meditation and breathing. The physical practice definitely is a big element when it comes to kids yoga because they need a physical outlet to burn energy. But the breathing and meditation really helps with identifying feelings and emotions,” shares Galloway. “They are really receptive to it.”

As a female entrepreneur working in the health and wellness realm while doing something that is completely unique to Calgary, Galloway has felt nothing but support in this community.

“It has been pretty amazing to launch Wymbin, keep BEAM Foundation running and put it all out there and receive so much support,” says Galloway. “Being in the same building as Junction 9 Yoga & Pilates has been really incredible. So many people in the fitness community have reached out to me. It feels more like collaboration than competition which is really inspiring. Calgary is a great city and it is an amazing feeling to be a part of something like this.”

As Wymbin continues to grow along with its young members, the yoga community will truly flourish in Calgary via education of wellness, health, fitness and creativity. Join Wymbin on September 9th for the Fall Open House to have some fun with your family and learn about the Fall 2017 classes and more.

Visit Wymbin: #50, 919 9th Avenue SE.

Written by :: Kait Kucy / @kaitkucy

Photographed by :: Amy Bell / @modern_nest_photography, Caleb Salomons / @calebsalomons and Kait Kucy / @kaitkucy


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