Dote Weddings Volume 1

Most people don’t know this, but the initial idea for Dote Magazine was, in fact, a publication focused on wedding content. Like all great creative ventures, things grew and morphed and developed, and we are now happily producing two lifestyle issues a year and a brand new annual wedding volume. So here we are, right back to our original dream, with so much to celebrate in between. Thank you for following along and growing with us.

As we welcome the inaugural wedding issue to the Dote Magazine family, we also welcome a few changes. The most significant change being that Dote Magazine Weddings will not be complimentary as our bi-annual lifestyle publication is, and we wanted to share some insight as to why.

First, we are thrilled to tell you that the magazine is significantly larger than our regular issues (208 pages of beautiful and inspiring content to be exact!). It is our hope that you treat your Weddings volume as a book – display it on your shelf, pass it on to a friend, and never let it land in your recycling bin.

Secondly, we want to ensure that each of the 8,000 copies we printed make it into just the right hands. Free, widespread distribution of a publication with such specific content didn’t make sense. By restructuring our distribution, we are ensuring that you get the chance to enjoy this special issue.

So, where can you purchase a copy? Dote Magazine Weddings will be sold online in our Dote Shop, along with all of our past issues and other fun stuff. The bi-annual Dote Magazine lifestyle issues will continue to be free within Calgary and will be available at all of your favourite local spots.

No matter what the subject, we aim to inspire the pursuit of a well-styled and meaningful life, and there is truly no better time to reflect on that vision than in the context of planning for a wedding.

In Dote Magazine Weddings Volume 1 you will find well-styled stories about nail trends, ideas for show-stopping cakes, some of our favourite bridal looks, and plenty of stunning real weddings.

You will also find meaningful thoughts on friendship and choosing bridesmaids, real couples talking about marriage over the years, and an honest essay about commitment and nurturing your relationship.

In the spirit of Dote, we want you to take away loads of inspiration for your wedding day but also your marriage. Our hope is to always present beauty along with a genuine picture of reality, and we know you’re going to love it.

Love and thanks, The Dote team


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