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Choose Natural Skin Health this Summer

Löschn started as a journey to find natural solutions to our client's skin, inflammation and sinus issues. Dr. Robin Scholz found the non-invasive treatment to provide relief for a patient with sinus issues that was on their third round of antibiotics. After three sessions of inflammation guiding, the patient’s pain was gone...


Dote Magazine x Workshop Studios

If you haven’t checked out Workshop Studios, then stop what you are doing and go. Located in the historic Northwestern Brass Foundry building – the open-access facility that houses creative studios, and a ceramics facility is so inspiring! Its somewhere I had been hearing rumblings...

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Make it Calgary

Make It Calgary is back April 6-8, at The Big Four! Spring is *finally* in the air, and this is the perfect place to freshen up your wardrobe and home. Over 135 incredible artists and makers from across Canada will be selling their beautiful handmade...


Meet Workshop Studios

Visiting artist studios is a long-time passion of mine. Spending an afternoon perusing spaces where people spend time to solely pursue their passion to create is, in a word, awe-inspiring. Perhaps it is thanks to my five-year stint as a fine arts student, but I’ll...