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Ultimate Nutty Granola Clusters

Homemade granola has always been one of my favourite things to make. The recipes are straight forward, and the ingredients are usually things you already have in your pantry. This granola comes together quickly to make a perfect breakfast addition that my whole family loves....


Keto Klub + Lemon Zesties recipe

Meet Cindy Hardie, host/educator of my CNF Keto Klub, assistant Customer Engagement Manager at our 10th ave Market & Café. If you want to know how a certain dietary lifestyle works, come and see Cindy. She’s personally lived the vegan, vegetarian, paleo and now keto lifestyle,...

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Bakeland: Nordic Treats Inspired by Nature

PISTACHIO MARZIPAN PEARS Makes 20 marzipan pears When you replace some of the almonds in the marzipan with pistachios, the resulting color will remind you of pears. Then all you need to do is decorate with some pretzels and almonds to make your own extra-sweet pears.   Marzipan pears 1 cup...

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Cilantro: A true classic

What makes a classic, classic? Is it the length and duration of time, so that is tried, tested and true? It has clearly battled the ups and downs that come with time and still remains as strong as ever. Or is it how it makes...


Drizzle: The first collection of recipes

Start the New Year off on a sweet note with Drizzle! Dote first explored the delicious local goodness of Drizzle honey in our Spring/Summer 2017 issue, where we chatted with founder and queen bee Aja Horsley about the importance of sustainability in beekeeping, supporting Canadian beekeepers,...

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Pumpkin Spice – Wellthy Swaps

There are a few things synonymous with fall; crisp golden leaves blanketing the ground, oversized scarves (it’s time to bring out that fall wardrobe), and of course pumpkin spice. Ok, maybe there are a few others, but those are obviously the most notable. As the...


Paleo Chocolates Recipe

This is a post about new beginnings, food intolerance, and flower petals on chocolate.  Ah, gourmet chocolates...


Essential Ingredients for a Hygge Gathering in Copenhagen

Since moving from Calgary to Copenhagen seven months ago I’ve found myself embracing many Danish staples: trading my bus pass for a bicycle, flats for sneakers, and considerably darkening my wardrobe. However, what I’ve embraced most wholeheartedly has nothing to do with modes of transportation...


Tartines 5 Ways

Tartines, the French answer to open-faced sandwiches, are a perfect quick lunch for the busy boss babe, and a charming appetizer at any dinner party. They're elegant but unpretentious, effortless but impressive. It's a simple formula: lightly toasted bread and whatever toppings your heart desires...