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A Not So DIY, DIY.

[caption id="attachment_1424" align="aligncenter" width="630"] Banbury Lane by Robert Pashuk Architecture.[/caption] As someone who doesn’t take very well to DIY projects, our Dote office needed some savvy storage solutions on a small budget, and I needed to embrace a creative little project.   I asked the Dote team...

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DIY Paper Marbling

I remember the first time I truly appreciated the beauty of marbled paper – I was in an underground secondhand bookstore, soaked in that intoxicating dust-vanilla-wood smell of old books, and I just happened to come across a set of 18th century encyclopedias. They were...

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DIY Foraged Urn Arrangement

An easy, nature-inspired and impactful option for your fall décor this year. The colours of foliage, grasses, dried bits and pods at this time of year are perfect for a fun, dimensional and stunning urn arrangement to highlight your front door and welcome your guests....

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DIY Bath Soaks

I'm all about a good, long bath. My bathroom is stocked with the most ridiculous collection of salts, powders, oils, and bath bombs that the world has possibly ever witnessed, and it's the daily activity I most look forward to (maybe besides that first cup...


Bullet Journaling

You’ve probably seen them on Instagram or Pinterest - those charming little journals with pretty ‘spreads’, calendars, and lists. Now, if you’re anything like me, your desk might be a flurry of sticky notes and day planners and to do lists, and your Notes app...


DIY Room Sprays

My grandmother’s home, filled with plants, smells ferny and jungle-wet and alive. My in-laws’ home smells like laundry and freezer ice. A friend’s apartment always smells like the cedarwood incense she burns. All these scents are unique, distinctive, and deeply connected to who these people...


DIY Vintage Mirrors

In my wildest dreams, I live in a gorgeous century-old house, with timeworn wooden floors, antique oil portraits on the wall, and ghosts in the attic. But until my bank account catches up to my dreams of domestic bliss, I'm happy to settle for a...


The Cutest Christmas Countdown

‘Tis the season for celebrating and creating, and to kick things off, I put together this cute and easy DIY Christmas countdown. You can create so many versions of this depending on who you’ll be counting down with. Use this simply as inspiration! My muse? Our...


DIY Baked Clay Pendants

The last, long days of summer are here. There are still warm rivers to swim in, moons to howl at, and garden parties to crash before autumn's chilly winds blow in. These chunky, unique pendants are the perfect boho accessory for the dog days of...