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Dote Magazine x Workshop Studios

If you haven’t checked out Workshop Studios, then stop what you are doing and go. Located in the historic Northwestern Brass Foundry building – the open-access facility that houses creative studios, and a ceramics facility is so inspiring! Its somewhere I had been hearing rumblings...

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Fashion Revolution Week YYC

What if every single one of us had the ability to be a fashion revolutionary? What if each of us possessed the power to transform the fashion industry into one of radical transparency and Earth-friendly sustainability?  What if Calgary was hosting an entire week of...


Affordable Luxury with Tiffany Pratt

Luxury is different for all of us and style means different things to everyone. Curating a stylish space with all new or on-trend pieces can be expensive - but it doesn’t have to be. The one and only Tiffany Pratt returns to the Calgary Home +...

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Galentine’s Day 2018

What is Galentine’s Day? In the words of Leslie Knope: “Oh, it’s only the best day of the year.” We love the concept of Galentine’s Day – a day dedicated to celebrating the amazing thing that is friendship. It doesn’t have to be a “valentine’s day...



I came across Louve a couple years ago when I was visiting Montreal. Her work was in this little shop that had a collection of locally crafted jewelry and clothing. I wish I could be more specific about the shop, because I just described pretty...


Meet Workshop Studios

Visiting artist studios is a long-time passion of mine. Spending an afternoon perusing spaces where people spend time to solely pursue their passion to create is, in a word, awe-inspiring. Perhaps it is thanks to my five-year stint as a fine arts student, but I’ll...



The Yellow Warehouse in Calgary’s historic community of Inglewood was transformed into a spectacular display of Canadian talent this weekend, housing PARKSHOW 2017, one of the city’s most anticipated fashion events of the year. PARKSHOW is an annual fashion show run by Calgary-based non-profit organization, PARK...



 It has taken me months to write these few paragraphs. I have typed and deleted more times than I can count. While the kids are in the bath, while I am stuffing my face with way too many Christmas cookies, while I am listening to...