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At BEACH a healthy beauty bar, we value your health, happiness, and your beauty. We believe that healthy beauty shouldn’t be expensive, but available to everyone.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, we are so excited to share our two newest additions to BEACH a healthy beauty bar’s line of BATH SALTS and BODY SCRUB: Mexi-Mocha Coffee and Pink Tease. Our first three flavors: Old Fashion, Mojito and Pina Colada hit the streets during the Holiday Commonwealth Collectors Club this past December and have been a huge hit. I mean, who doesn’t want to imagine they are sipping a cocktail while soaking in a deep, warm, bubbly bath!

The Mexi-Mocha Coffee is an invigorating blend of organic coffee, raw cacao and grated cinnamon. The smell of a hearty cup of coffee with a sweet side of pure chocolate really is true love! This flavor will pep up your morning cleansing ritual!

The Pink Tease is a lovely mix of grapefruit and juniper berries – a twist on one of Alli’s (BEACH Founder and Beauty Stylist) personal favorite cocktails. As Alli puts it, “Running a company, plus being a momma to two little ladies doesn’t always allow you to have an actual cocktail, so why not create a version you can enjoy in a relaxing setting, like a tub!” And so she did.

We hope you drop by BEACH to discover your favorites!

Please enjoy the images – they were an absolute delight to create, many thanks to Stephanie (@steph_mosher), Brandon and Cameron May Photography. You can also follow us on Instagram @beachbeautyyyc


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