A Vintage Love Like This

Making couples’ special day more beautiful, one vintage piece at a time, Bre Temoshawsky is redefining what pre-loved means.

Spending an afternoon with Bre Temoshawsky is more like sitting down with a member of royalty who also happens to know a thing or two about working in a wood-shop. Her collection of beautiful vintage furniture makes you feel like you are visiting an exquisite Parisian bakeshop, while her knowledge on furniture restoration and band-saws is something to be awed by. As owner and Creative Director of VintageLoved Event Rentals, this woman is constantly on the move and dreaming up her next big project.

VintageLoved originally started off as a custom and reclaimed furniture shop, where Bre would take found items and fabulous vintage pieces and breathe beautiful new life into them. However, pretty quickly into her little operation she realized how hard it was to part with these works of art that she had literally poured so much of her heart and soul into.

“When I was a little girl, I always followed my dad and grandpa around with my little pink tool belt. So, I always thought that would lead to furniture design and interior design. When I started the restoration business, I realized that I didn’t want to lose the creative control over each piece. Creating pieces specifically for clients was hard for me,” Bre shares. “The idea of giving it all away broke my heart. VintageLoved Event Rentals came to be and it is the perfect place for me.”

Instead of giving it up all together, she knew that she couldn’t keep all of these beautiful furniture pieces completely to herself and had to think of a plan B, which resulted in VintageLoved Event Rentals. The perfect solution to her dilemma; she could keep those pieces she painstakingly reupholstered and restored but others would still get to rejoice in their beauty at weddings and other special events. Since then, the business has taken off for Bre.

“So far, I have been part of a couple of styled shoots which has been quite nice. I have some weddings booked for this year, which is really exciting. I am hoping with more quantities of items, like farm tables that can seat up to 100 people, we can expand to more corporate events, as well. I love working on weddings and collaborating with really talented people like Pink & Honey Event Styling and Blair Marie Photography. I am definitely looking to expand more into that,” says Bre excitedly as she starts working on some sketches while we chat.

While VintageLoved is still her creative side project as she works fulltime in human resources, Bre attributes her time working on the business as her creative outlet, allowing her to indulge her girlie side and collaborate with some really inspiring people who are also in the wedding industry. She says that time will tell if she ends up taking on VintageLoved full time.

When I met with Bre, I was so impressed as she started whipping up a fresh new project in her studio. Between sketches and power tools, we got to talking about her creative process a bit and how she finds inspiration on the daily.

“It is definitely a creative relief from daily life. Traveling around is pretty inspiring for me, as well. There is a flea market tour trip you can take for two weeks that I am dying to do – everyone rents a storage container together and ships all the goods back to Canada. Seriously, a dream trip,” she says. “I am looking to start adding a bit more to my website and sharing bits of things that really inspire me, like architecture. Winnipeg really inspires me – the buildings are just beautiful there.

Beyond her stunning selection of vintage rental pieces, this entrepreneurial talent also offers up custom and handmade items for your special day, like chalk menus and reclaimed wood signage. This girl thinks of everything, so combing through the collection on her website can be much like searching on Pinterest for “pretty things”. You’ll basically want everything you lay your eyes on thanks to Bre’s perfected eye for design.

As wedding season extends well past the fall into winter now, I am sure we’ll all start seeing Bre’s creations out and about at the next wedding or holiday soirée. As for Bre herself – what is next?

“I am definitely hoping to continue working with other creatives and professionals in weddings and events. It is an exciting time for me.”

You can find Bre on Instagram @vintageloved and check out her website vintageloved.com to see her beautiful selection of rental pieces.

Written by :: Kait Kucy
Photographed by :: Blair Inkster

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